workout on water

Friday, July 7th | 6:30am at Texas Rowing Center (on the trail next to Austin High)

45-min SUP workout, non-impact, core and upper body focused. All fitness levels welcome. FAQs below.

Drop-in rate: $25 (includes board rental)– $20 for Audishores crew

Must RSVP to confirm, spots limited.

Fill out below, I'll text you for payment (venmo: @audishores) to confirm your spot.


What should I bring?
Water bottle, towel, wear workout clothes or a swimsuit, whatever's comfortable. 

Will I get wet?
Your choice. You can do the entire workout from your board. You might fall in (it feels good), I also lead a drill where you get in the water, but that's entirely optional.

How long is the workout?
45 minutes. But plan to arrive 5-10min early to get your paddle and board. We'll promptly get on the water at 6:30am, workout for 45min and paddle back. We have the boards for the hour, we'll be back at the dock by 7:30am. If you need to leave early, all good.

More questions?
Hit me up