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Audishores x Lululemon Challenge

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For Mental Health Awareness month, let’s apply the same approach to both your physical and mental health. Choose your track—

3x3 : 3 physical workouts & 3 mental health activities per week
4x4 : 4 physical workouts & 4 mental health activities per week
5x5 : 5 physical workouts & 5 mental health activities per week

Track your workouts (physical & mental) via Strava (free version of the app). Connect your apple health or garmin for easy tracking or log your activities manually in Strava.. You can set your activities to Everyone or Followers. Join the private Audishores Club. I’ll follow you on Strava and be your accountability coach. I can be your only follower if you want your activities just between you and me or you can follow each other and tap into the team spirit.

physical workouts: I’ll drop one 30min bodyweight workout every Sunday on ASTV for you to complete that week. Anyone can access for free and these workouts are programmed to complement your other training. Your other workouts can be anything– run, yoga, swim, weight lift, dance, etc.

mental activities: can be any activity with the intention of benefiting your mental health– therapy, meditation, journaling, reading, a nature walk, etc. You will still log your mental health activity in Strava as a ‘workout’.

Complete your track each week and you complete the challenge! I'll draw 5 winners from challenge finishers for the Lululemon prizes. I'll announce those prizes this week :)

Anyone can join, no matter your fitness routine. Everything is free. If you're not familiar w/ Strava, I'll help you set it up. May is a long month so you can start any day this week.

Let's challenge ourselves this month by prioritizing our own physical and mental health and raising awareness for mental health in our community #Ateam


What if I don't have a device to track my workout?
All good. You can manually enter your workout on Strava.

Do I have to do the free trial on Strava?
No. You can stay on the free membership (no trial) forever.

I set Strava up, but I'm not seeing my workouts load from my device?
Hit me up, we'll figure it out.

How do I access the ASTV workout each week?

Can I control my privacy settings on Strava?
Definitely. Adjust your privacy setting here. I'm new to Strava, but I've learned the basics to help you through the challenge so please reach out to me w/ questions.

I joined Strava, now what?
You can follow me @audishores and I'll follow you back. Join the Audishores Club. I encourage you to follow your fellow challengers to cheer one another on, but you can also just have one follower (me!) to hold you accountable through the challenge.