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Audishores x Hoka January Challenge #ASxHOKA

Do something every day : 31 days of health #EveryBody

It's simple, each day in January get your 'workout' in. What counts as a 'workout'?
For this challenge, a 'workout' is anything active (or maybe still) with the intention to positively impact your physical or mental health.
- What's the catch? Well, since I'm your coach through this challenge and I'm a physical health professional, 3 of your 'workouts' a week must be with me via CG virtual or outdoor in-person workout. Virtual can be done Live or On-demand on your own time. Can be all virtual, all outdoor, or combo. This allows me to track your physical workouts, coach you, and hold you accountable.
- Other 'workouts' can be anything geared toward my physical or mental well-being? Yes, with intention. The goal here isn't to judge what you are doing, it is to be intentional with your time/health. This will look very different for each of us, but we'll be able to encourage each other throughout. Examples...
Physical: a run, walk, hike, yoga, other CG workout, swim, pilates, tennis...
Mental: meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, your psychotherapy session, maybe it's 8 hours of sleep, reading a book or a solitude walk in nature...
- How do we track? Take a picture. Yep. If you don't take a photo, it didn't happen ;)...and share your photo with me. You can post to Instagram and tag me @audishores OR if you're not on social media or taking a break, just text or email me your photo. I want that accountability and thread of communication with you through this. It's also cool and inspiring to others to share with one another what we're doing to stay mentally and physically healthy #Ateam. Your photo can be anything (prob don't have to send me a photo of your confidential therapy session)...but maybe it's a screenshot of your calendar, a photo of your apple watch or fitbit, a photo of the book you're reading or a trail view from your run. Again, this isn't about self-promotion, it's about accountability and seeing the variety of things we all do to stay mentally and physically active.
- What do I win? Well you have to do something every day to stay in the challenge...if you do, every week of our 4-week challenge, I will draw winners from our challenge participants, 2 winners each week: one will win a Hoka gift bag, the other will win a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex open-ear endurance headphones. At the end of January, I'll draw names of 7 challenge finishers to receive a free pair of Hoka shoes.

I'm in! Make sure to register for the challenge here if you haven't already so I can track participants.

And save the image below to help track your 31 days of 'workouts' #EveryBody #EveryMind

Always a pleasure to be on this journey with you.

- Jordan Jones